Monday, January 2, 2012

it's official... :) :) :)'s official...after a year of stalking reading, enjoying, and loving others blogs, i have FINALLY started my own...and in case you can't tell..i am pretty excited about it! :) please excuse the excessive smiley faces and exclamation points!!! :) happy reading... :)

thoughts and feelings on blogging...
1) while creating my blog "profile & layout" i had flashbacks to the days of myspace...i am not sure how this all quite works, but am looking forward to learning everything i can do - i always tell my brother in law that he is not using his iphone to it's fullest potential and i already feel like i am doing the same with the blogger website! :) any suggestions are welcome!
2) i am working on coming up with a catchy blog name...but for will do! it's everywhere in my house and pretty much sums up how i feel about life..cliche I know, but who cares!
3) i apologize in advance for my lack of capitalization and punctuation (sorry to my dear teacher friends!) i have been into not capitalizing my name since my senior year in high school and still write it in lowercase - here was my signature back then:
 tiah thomas

now that i am married, it's a litle bit more sophisticated (i capitalize the "s" in my last name!) anyway, again, i apolgize for the not capitalizing words that should be and placing punctuation in the wrong placed, please don't judge! :)

well, i think this officially ends my first post! YAY!! my little brother just called and said he wants to come over and hang out! :)